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Downtown Behavioral Wellness was founded by Dr. Madelaine Ellberger to serve clients in New York and Florida that are looking to make a lasting and effective change in their lives. Dr. Ellberger knows that change can be difficult and she and the Downtown Behavioral Wellness team are there to support clients navigating the challenges that come along with change. With a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness, the Downtown Behavioral Wellness team takes a personalized approach to each client's therapeutic journey. 

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Dr. Madelaine Ellberger has spent nearly a decade helping adults and families navigate their life challenges and achieve their therapy goals by providing a safe, judgment-free environment and an evidence-based approach. Dr. Ellberger draws strategies and mechanisms from a variety of treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and combines them with mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) to help clients cope with life’s stressors. She specializes in therapy for anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal difficulties, life transitions, and stress management.

Dr. Ellberger strongly believes in building a foundational trust so that her clients feel understood, supported, and empowered to move forward. Her approach is a collaborative process that is structured around a client’s needs for personal growth and desired outcomes for mental well-being. Dr. Ellberger has consciously created an open environment for therapy at Downtown Behavioral Wellness and she is committed to fostering with each client an honest, direct, and thoughtful therapeutic relationship motivated in moving them closer to feeling fulfilled and worthy. 

dr. Madelaine Ellberger, PhD, LCSW


CHANGE, one step at a TIME

Equipped to help her clients take on the many challenges they face, Dr. Madelaine Ellberger provides a judgment free, safe space for her clients to work on their goals together. Drawing from a variety of evidenced-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Dr. Ellberger specializes in the treatment of adults and families struggling with a wide range of challenges including anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal difficulties, life transitions, and stress management. She combines her clinical training with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with her clients to help her clients cope with the stressors in their lives and reach their treatment goals. Dr. Ellberger strongly believes that building a trusted therapeutic relationship is essential in order for her clients to feel understood and supported so they can move forward and make changes in their life. She believes therapy is a collaborative process to determine a client’s treatment needs and desired outcomes. 

Dr. Madelaine Ellberger: Blending CBT, DBT, and Mindfulness for Holistic Healing

Blending skill and COMPASSION for EFFECTIVE healing

Personalized Therapy for Lasting Transformation

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At Downtown Behavioral Wellness, we offer an array of therapy services designed to meet the varied needs of our clients. From the skills-based approach of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to the structured, present-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), our services are tailored to provide effective solutions for a wide spectrum of psychological challenges. Whether it's navigating mood disorders, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, or seeking mindfulness therapy for stress reduction, our team is equipped with the expertise and compassion to guide you through. We also extend our support to families, offering therapy that fosters healthier relationships and understanding.

Every step is a commitment to transformation and healing.

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Nicole creates a warm, nonjudgmental environment for therapy for each of her clients. By tailoring her approach to incorporate several different psychotherapy treatments, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, humanistic therapy, and mindfulness, Nicole has been able to establish a collaborative, insightful experience for her clients that is both grounded in evidence and results driven. She specializes in therapy for anxiety, acute stress, addiction, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal difficulties and relationships, grief, and sexual issues. She also works with adults, adolescents, couples, and families. 

Nicole personalizes her therapeutic approach to help each of her clients identify where they feel stuck before introducing coping strategies for achieving their therapy goals. Nicole paves a path for clients to reach self-acceptance while also creating a space for them to let go of the unhealthy habits that are no longer serving them. Together with Nicole’s support, you can find peace, accomplish personal growth, and gain a new perspective on what mental health looks like for you. 

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