Emotional Dysregulation Therapy in New York and Florida

Personalized Therapy for Mood Stability and Emotional Control

Emotional dysregulation is the inability or difficulty a person experiences in managing their emotions, leading to emotional irregularity. 

Signs of emotional dysregulation can look like impulsive behavior, indecisiveness, mood fluctuation, and a pattern of negative thinking, among others.

Experiencing emotional dysregulation can feel like a constant reminder of life dissatisfaction. Day to day functions, like work or spending time with a loved one, can feel like a struggle with no solution. Therapy for mood swings, such as DBT or CBT, help a person learn about their emotional highs and lows as well as how to apply individualized action directed at reining in their moods.

Managing emotional outbursts and coping with intense emotions don’t have to be processes you face alone. At Downtown Behavioral Wellness, we will provide you with personalized mental health support and strategies for you to reach emotional well-being. We understand that therapy can feel daunting, and our licensed therapists are here to answer any questions you have along the way.

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